Bellweather Norm

Advanced weather normalization of historical demand data. Bellweather uses hourly data to transform your monthly demand values into a clean, weather-normalized series.  Bellweather Norm's hyper-accurate results can lead to a 50% reduction in error for 1-year ahead demand forecasting.

Bellweather Outlook

Short-term weather and demand forecasts.  Our lean, weather-focused approach outperforms clumsy methods that try to account for too many variables.  Bellweather Outlook has an error rate (MAPE) less than 1.5% for 24-hour-ahead daily load predictions.

Bellweather Outage

Insight into the effect of weather on outages.  We help you prepare for the worst by quantifying the risk that weather presents to your infrastructure.  See how weather risk changes across geography and over time using our revolutionary risk metrics.

Bellweather Gen

An advanced solution for the future of energy generation: a tool to manage weather-responsive alternative generation assets.  We create forecasts for weather, energy demand and weather-responsive energy generation in one easy-to-access portal.  The best way to maximize the effectiveness of renewable resources.


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