We address the modern challenges of the energy industry by providing a machine-learning, cloud-based solution that helps energy providers and energy consumers make smarter decisions. 



In 2016, energy providers are facing new challenges:

  • Uncertainty in long-term demand growth
  • Unknown impact of alternative generation
  • Increasing regulatory pressure

These industry challenges trickle down to consumers, who are facing:

  • Increasing cost of energy
  • Increasingly complex billing structures (time-of-day pricing, demand charges, etc.)


How we address the challenge

Bellweather uses a comprehensive approach to give our clients unprecedented insight into the impact of weather and empower them to address these modern challenges.  Our technology is based on a proprietary method that uses automated processes for data gathering, analysis, and report generation, which allows our clients to control an advanced analytics engine with minimal time and effort.  Utilities that integrate our algorithm and reports into their business processes can save millions per year through increased accuracy in short-term predictions, long-term forecasting, generation planning and rate design.  Energy users can gain insight into their use patterns, which enables better planning and overall reduced energy cost.