The Need For Advanced Analytics

“There’s been a decoupling of the growth in demand for electricity from growth in GDP for the first time in our history.  And it’s going to have profound implications for the way forward.” ---Jim Rogers, Former CEO, Duke Energy

In 2016, the energy industry is in a period of transition; energy is being used very differently than it was ten years ago and all signs point to continuing changes.  The phenomena of appliance efficiency programs, demand-side management, and distributed generation are creating unprecedented demands to understand and use data for decision-making. Energy users and providers are racing to meet these challenges, but developing in-house solutions is not realistic for an industry that needs to be responsive to changes in real-time.  Bellweather offers access to proprietary technology that can help the industry meet these challenges and move into the future with greater certainty.

Our Customized Approach

Bellweather is built around the knowledge that every client requires a customized solution. Though many firms face the same challenges, the solution will look different in each context.  This is why our technology isn’t a static model, its a process that designs and executes customized models for each client.  We believe that a custom technology solution in combination with our hands-on customer-service will ensure that our partnerships produce lasting organizational value.